Additional Recommended Study Aids


In a previous post I recommended a free Bible study suite. In this article I am going to recommend a few more Bible study aids that must be purchased but that I feel are well worth the money.
Additional plug-ins for e-Sword:

  1. I recommend purchasing the New American Standard Bible Study Set for e-Sword. At a cost of only $20 (as of this writing) it is a phenomenal value. The NASB translation of the Bible is commonly considered the most accurate English translation of the Bible available today, and the NASB Study Set for e-Sword includes the NASB with integrated Strong’s numbers to aid in studying the original Greek and Hebrew.
  2. The Complete Word Study Dictionary is $40 as of this writing, and it is the best purchase that I have ever made. It is an incredible Greek and Hebrew dictionary. See the link for more information.

Print ("hard copy") Resources:

  1. If you are wanting to seriously understand the Greek New Testament then "The Discovery Bible: New American Standard New Testament" is a must-have! This is the best print resource that I have ever invested in. It is out of print now, but it can be purchased through
  2. The MacArthur Study Bible is an excellent study Bible for taking with you to church. I recommend it in the NASB translation, but it is published with several different Bible translations, so a person can pick whichever one they prefer to read.

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