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Over the last couple of months my fiance, Kali, has started helping answer emails and moderate the Web site. She also has a background in the UPC. The easiest way to reach both of us is to email Messages sent to that address will come to both of us and either one of us may reply.

If you would like to reach one of us specifically then please use the email addresses below. If for any reason you would prefer that the email not be shared between us then please be sure to say that and we will keep it private. Otherwise we may share it with each other for feedback or even forward it to the other person if we think they may want to respond to it.

There are no other moderators besides us, and emails are never shared beyond the two of us.

My email:
Kali’s email:

If you would like to contact us then we’d love to hear from you! All comments are welcomed. There are just two things that I request:

  1. No fights, please. If you have a question then we would love to hear it, and we will do our best to answer it. If there is something that you would like to discuss or debate with a peaceful, humble spirit, then we are open to that. But if you are just looking to argue then there are plenty of forums out there that have people ready and waiting :)
  2. If your comment is public then please post it in the comments section of the appropriate article so that others can benefit from it as well. Feel free to e-mail us too too, though! We love feedback!

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