Mark 16:17-18 (Misinterpreted Scriptures)


And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

Misinterpretation: This Scripture is often used to support the UPC doctrine that says a person must speak in tongues to be saved.

Facts: First, this is an apocryphal Scripture (see my comments on Mark 16:16). Second, if this Scripture means that all believers will speak in tongues then it also means that all believers will cast out devils, take up serpents, and heal the sick by laying hands on them. Finally, even if this Scripture is not apocryphal, there is nothing in it that says that all believers will do these things. It only lists some signs that will follow believers as a whole, not as individuals.

No one doubts that the early Church spoke in tongues, and quite a few Christians do not doubt that tongues and interpretation is still a spiritual gift that God gives out today. The problem is when people start to teach that all believers will speak in tongues, and they try to use Mark 16:17-18 to prove it.

26 thoughts on “Mark 16:17-18 (Misinterpreted Scriptures)

  1. Glenn Frazier

    Well what my Bible tells me is that once you are Baptized the Holy Ghost will come and when He comes and fills your personal house you will speak in that Heavenly Language because we as humans cannot contain the complete total power of God and when He imbodies our mortal bodies we will speak in other languages.

  2. Boikai Dixon

    Josh, I want to thank you for a well written subjection. Most people today misinterpret Mark 16:16-18, Acts chapter 2, Joel 2:28; concerning speaking in tongues. As missionaries are be sent around the world they are empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak with new tongues, which are the languages or dialects of the people. I believe people speak in tongue as an indwelling of the Holy Spirit and when this happening the person does not know what he or she is saying. But these folks around will get up and begin to disrupt the church with repetition of rubbish. There is a difference between speaking with tongues, and speaking in tongues. Josh, before I leave you, please tell me where in the scriptures does it say that a woman can be pastor, bishop, apostle? I see a lot of heresies in the church today. B blessed.

    1. Josh (Site Admin) Post author

      Boikai, thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure whether you want me to condone women being in leadership or condemn it. Either way, it’s not a subject that was important when I was in the UPC so I have never dealt with it on this site. It could be important to them now, I don’t know.

      In Christ,

  3. Clark

    Ref. your response to bob, acts 2-39, the promise is actually eternal life, the evidence for this experience is 2 fold, and it constitutes the new birth, being born of the water and the spirit, John 3-5, as spoken by Jesus acts 1-5, acts also acts 11-16 here Peter confirms the words of Jesus that baptism is birth, as preached in acts 2-38, and acts c10 & 11, then the evidence of the new birth is confirmed by the Jews saying that God unto the Gentiles has granted repentance unto life. The evidence spoken of here is spirit birth, tongues, john 3-8 the word “sound” is the word for our word language, Jesus told Nicodemus, everyone born of the spirit will speak this unknown language. He compared it to the wind, at Pentecost in acts c2 the words noised abroad are used their meaning is the same as in John 3-8 “sound”. A unknown language was being spoken, tongues is the evidence of repentance, now water baptism as in acts 2-38, is an act of obedience, obey the gospel, Jesus gave the great commissions Matt 28-19, Mark 16-16 and Luke 24-47 that repentance and remission is to be preached in my (Jesus) name beginning at Jerusalem. Acts 2-38 offers repentance and remission with promise v39, the Jews I spoke of earlier are the same people here at Pentecost, they were a part of the 3000 spoken of that gladly received his ( Peter) word and were baptized acts 2-41 which confirms the salvation message, by the adding of 3000 souls. Finally back to acts 11-18 the born again Jews confirm that God granted repentance unto life to the Gentiles by the evidence, 3-21 of 1 peter, baptism does save us. But it’s the operation of the Spirit, God grants repentance, but it’s up to us ” the will of man” to obey the gospel and become the fulfillment of prophecy “THE CHURCH” it’s your choice, .. Choose wisely, choose the apostles ,,, Jesus did.

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